Suitable for use on residential external facades, the PowerPanel50 system is fast and easy to install with outstanding acoustic and thermal qualities.

Hebel PowerPanel50 panels are 50mm thick and 600mm wide and available in lengths of 2200mm and 2400mm.

Square edge profile

Steel mesh, coated with an anti-corrosion protection layer for maximum strength and durability

Hebel PowerPanel50 is an ideal building material for residential projects. Suitable for new homes, recladding existing homes, and for low-rise residential projects, PowerPanel50 is fast to build with, performs well acoustically and provides good thermal insulation.

The PowerPanel50 system consists of 50mm thick, steel-reinforced AAC panels, fixed vertically to Hebel’s patented perforated TopHat sections attached to a steel or timber loadbearing frame. Panels can be applied directly to steel framing without the need or cost of an additional thermal break.

Comfortable to live in, PowerPanel50 system provides sound insulation meaning less energy expended on heating, providing approx. 12% better thermal insulation than a vented AAC system (and 18% better than brick veneer).

The PowerPanel50 system has good acoustic performance reducing noise transmission from external sources such as traffic, for a quieter home.

With a fire rating of 30 minutes without the need of additional material the Hebel PowerPanel50 system provides boundary wall capability and is rated against bushfires making it an ideal building in fire prone areas.


Product Sizes

PowerPanel50 for Residential & Multi-Residential External walls

PowerPanel50 – Standard Range 50mm

  • 2400x600x50mm SQ1M0
  • 2200x600x50mm SQ1M0
  • 2550x600x50mm SQ1M0
SQ = Square Edge, 1M = Single Mesh, 0 = No Bevel


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