PowerPanelXL Zero boundary wall system

  • Speed of construction – one standard Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means a 150m2 home can go up as quickly as within 3 days when installed by experienced Hebel installers, reducing scaffolding costs.
  • Non-combustible with an FRL of 180/180/180
  • Outstanding acoustic and thermal properties leading to a quiet and comfortable home, and reduced energy costs.
  • The Hebel Hoist technology allows for streamlined workflow and improved efficiencies. All the frames for the dwellings can be completed at once, and used as support to install the boundary walls.  This saves the builder and carpenter considerable downtime.
  • The Hebel Hoist system allows panels to be slid into place and fixed from the inside of the building, so that you can install fire rated walls right on the boundary. This has the potential to significantly increase the floor area and value of your project, whilst ensuring fire and acoustic and weather tightness performance can be achieved.
  • A range of design patterns which can be machined or routed into the panels to produce an individual, attractive finish

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