PowerPanel+ Fire Tunnel System for commercial, industrial, hotels, retail, apartments

The Hebel Fire Tunnel system utilises the great fire characteristics of Hebel by having the walls constructed of 125mm, horizontally orientated Hebel panels supported by a steel frame and a Hebel ceiling panel (200mm thick DP floor panels) which encloses the fire tunnel.

By utilising the same product to construct the walls and the ceiling and having the same contractor constructing both elements, the process is simpler and quicker than conventional methods.

  • PowerPanel+ used for Hebel  ceiling and wall leaf construction
  • cost efficiencies through speed of installation and minimised structural sizes
  • high strength, security and durability
  • slender walls – wall thickness can be reduced by up to 40mm compared to other wall systems providing more lettable area
  • excellent fire protection properties
  • less waste – minimal onsite cutting as panels can be made to required length
  • minimised crane movements
  • small construction crew requirements
  • no wet trades – less mess and a cleaner, safer work area.

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