Facade with hidden slab


  • lightweight compared with pre-fabricated concrete and traditional masonry bricks and substantial comparative cost savings
  • fast construction timetables (with less reliance on bricklaying trades) and less scaffolding costs
  • versatility of design with a pressure equalised system
  • systemised building components make construction faster and easier than brick
  • smaller crews without need for wet trades
  • low wastage and reduced crane requirement (especially compared to brick)
  • no reliance on bricklayers and better utilisation of standard trades people
  • solid and secure with high fire rating levels
  • superior coating systems without leaching through the acrylic system
  • wet weather tolerant (no mould) for storage and building process
  • good acoustic values dampen exterior noise
  • high levels of sustainability
  • less waste – minimal onsite cutting as panels can be made to required length.

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