Why Mirvac has confidence in working with Hebel walls

peter-cotton-bwLook beyond the beautiful facades of some of Mirvac’s landmark residential developments and you’ll find Hebel panels performing three tasks essential to high rise living – fire resistance, security and acoustic privacy.

Mirvac Design’s National Practice Director, Peter Cotton, says the Hebel internal wall system has been used by Mirvac for a number of years, providing apartment residents with added security and comfort.

“The Hebel system gives us certainty that we’re going to achieve the required fire ratings, which is an important part of any building,” said Peter. “Having the required fire rating in the one wall system means we don’t have to rely on plasterboard to provide the fire rating. When the fire rating is achieved with the one system, as it is with Hebel, it’s much easier for the construction team to obtain certification, with the certainty that we’re meeting our fire rating requirements.”

Peter added that Mirvac Design worked closely with Mirvac Construction on wall systems to find the best solutions in terms of performance and ease of installation.

“Having an in-house design and construction capability means that we can work together to drive good design solutions and find the most efficient building systems,” he said.

“Our ability to work together to ensure certainty around regulatory requirements on fire ratings and sound ratings is extremely important.”

Safe and simple to install

Mirvac will use the Hebel panels for the internal wall systems in Ebsworth at Green Square, a 10-storey residential building being delivered by Mirvac with UrbanGrowth NSW.

Located at the northern end of the 14-hectare Green Square Town Centre, four kilometres from the Sydney CBD, Ebsworth will include 174 one, two and three bedroom apartments above an artisan style high street shopping strip. All apartments were sold during the opening launch weekend in 2014.

Ebsworth is the first residential building in the Green Square Town Centre, which will form the heart of the fast-growing Green Square urban renewal area in Alexandria, Waterloo, Beaconsfield, Zetland and Rosebery areas.

Mirvac Design also used Hebel internal wall systems at Era, a 42-storey tower in the heart of Chatswood comprising 304 apartments. For residents seeking peace of mind along with a luxury lifestyle, Hebel’s high standard insulation and fire-rating played an integral role.

“We are aware that purchasers prefer to see a solid, masonry type wall between apartments,” said Peter.

“The Hebel system gives a more solid separation from neighbours, providing a sense of security for residents. They appreciate the fact that a Hebel wall can’t be easily cut or peeled away.”


Ebsworth development at Green Square.


Non-combustible panels ensure high rating

The non-combustible nature of Hebel wall panels also makes life easier and safer for apartment owners who may want to make changes that affect their walls such as adding power plates or installing plumbing amenities such as extra taps in a bathroom or laundry.

“The advantage lies in the fact that, in relation to the internal walls, the Hebel product has the fire-rating and is the first thing that goes in,” said Peter. “It’s sealed and tested on site before we then apply plasterboard.

“Where plasterboard is required as part of the fire rated wall system, the fire rating may be unwittingly violated by occupants adding power points or plumbing through the wall, but that’s not the case when the Hebel panel is providing the fire rating.

“We don’t have to worry about the fire integrity of the wall in relation to any changes or damages to it because the Hebel panel is doing all the work in terms of fire rating.”


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