Quail Ridge Country Club offers safe, quality living in Kerikeri

Whichever way they look at it, quality lifestyle is right at the doorsteps of residents of the Quail Ridge Country Club at Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands.

With its first three stages comprising almost 100 homes now well under way, the state of the art over-55’s development offers the facilities of a first class country club combined with all the comforts of home.

Outside there are secure, landscaped grounds in which amenities will include a modern clubhouse with a variety of recreational and sporting areas such as a restaurant, bar, café, lounges, theatre, library, billiards room, hair salon, gymnasium and pool.

When they are at home, Quail Ridge residents can relax in their architecturally-designed stand-alone houses or townhouses, or select from independent living apartments, serviced apartments or a three-level care facility designed to provide different levels of care and rehabilitation.

Whatever type of residence they choose, they can be certain that it will be finished to the highest degree of quality both inside and out.

And this applies right down to the choice of Hebel PowerPanelXL systems for the external cladding of the homes, giving the perfect finishing touch to ensure a stylish appearance along with the comfort and safety for which Hebel is renowned.

“Having worked in the building industry for about 30 years, I’m well conversant with Hebel’s advantages and qualities,” said David Penberthy, Project Manager for the Quail Ridge Country Club. “We’re using Hebel cladding on all the houses in the development.”

Hebel offers a good look and top performance

David said the reasons for selecting Hebel cladding ranged from its attractive appearance to its practical benefits, as well as its overall high quality as a product.

“The Hebel external wall systems are very quick to install and finish, which is a big advantage,” he said. “And we’re not restricted by the weather when we’re putting them up, so we always know we can rely on that speed of construction.

“Accuracy of the lines is another benefit with Hebel cladding. The corners are always straight, and it provides a beautiful smooth surface that looks good and makes it easier to render.

“It is also fire resistant and has very high thermal and acoustic properties. It keeps a wonderful, ambient temperature right throughout the house and also provides excellent acoustic insulation, all of which adds to the quality of living and comfort of residents.”

Baby boomers head for Bay of Islands

David has been with the Quail Ridge Country Club project since its inception. He sees its development by Don and Jill Cottle on land they owned as a strong indication of the buoyancy of the low rise multi-residential market.

“There are currently a lot of the traditional ‘baby boomers’ moving into Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands from outside areas,” he said. “In particular we’re getting a number of people from Auckland who are their homes there for good prices and then coming here, where they can buy a new home that is less expensive than they would pay in Auckland. This gives them a high quality home while leaving them with some money in the bank.”

With his long experience in the construction industry, David is well aware of clients’ appreciation of the type of attention to quality and detail that is a paramount factor in the work he is overseeing at Quail Ridge.

“As well as wanting their homes to be comfortable and to look attractive, people want them to be safe,” he said. “That’s another reason we are using Hebel external wall systems. We’re responsible for maintenance on these homes and we saw Hebel as a very reliable product that would keep our maintenance costs down to a minimum in the long term.”


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