A new Hebel homeowner shares his thoughts

Christian Kidd has worked in the construction industry for over twenty-five years. As Director of Arden Homes, he has finally fulfilled his ambition of building his own dream home.

With expert knowledge of the construction process, Christian knew that working with Hebel would deliver the greatest results for his house.

“The house is fantastic. I really love it,” Christian said.

“Everyone in my family loves it too. The noise reduction properties of Hebel have performed very well and I’ve found it’s really quiet inside – even with my son and the dog running around all the time. It’s much more quiet than my previous home,” he added.


Christian’s son Tyson and pet Gypsy both love the new Hebel home.

In addition to the acoustic advantages of living in a Hebel home, Christian now enjoys the superior aesthetic look of Hebel.

“The look of the place is definitely the main benefit. The smooth rendered look works very well, and the house really stands out to people. The combination of the Hebel render and the big window at the front of the house looks fantastic. We’ve received a lot of positive comments about the style of the house from our friends,” Christian explained.

Having moved in just before Christmas last year, Christian has yet to experience a winter living in the Hebel home – but he is confident that the thermal properties of Hebel will keep his family comfortable throughout all the seasons.

“Hebel has excellent thermal qualities. Compared to other homes we’ve lived in, we relied much less on the air conditioning throughout summer in this house – it just stayed cool on its own. We’re sure it will deliver the same comfort throughout winter,” he added.

Christian is very much looking forward to the ongoing lifestyle benefits of living in a Hebel home.


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