A Hebel Home in the Highlands


Set in the Southern Highlands of Bundanoon, this Spanish inspired house has stood the test of time. John and his partner Kim built their home 17 years ago and are still in love with the timeless and individual design.

Although aesthetically charming and beautifully finished, the key features that form their love of home come from the use of Hebel throughout the construction of the property.

Having drawn inspiration from Adobe mud brick dwellings, John and Kim were committed to a specific look and feel when considering how to build. Fortunately for them, they were made aware of the benefits of Hebel and the characteristics that make it stand out from the competition. Hebel’s high acoustic absorption and insulation efficiency gave John and Kim the confidence to use the material right throughout the house.

“People come and say it’s a great house, it feels really really lovely.
We say ‘Yeah, it’s a Hebel house’ and we’re quite proud of that”

– John

As passionate advocates for sustainable products, they also wanted to build using a material that would not intrude on the environment but be embraced by it. The use of Hebel did not compromise on this, as they were still able to produce a rendered masonry finish with a solid feel.


John and Kim have not needed heating or cooling units since the home was built. Hebel’s thermal efficiency properties mean that the house stays cool in summer and warm in winter. “The beauty of Hebel is that you tell the house what you want the temperature to be, and it keeps it. For example, on a hot day I let the night air in to cool the house down. I then close the house up and it stays cool all day.”

They also speak highly of Hebel’s acoustic-absorbing properties that enhance the tranquil feel that the home gives their family. “It feels quiet even when you’re in it, it’s very soothing and calming and that’s a nice feeling.”

Hebel PowerpanelXL and PowerBlock+ are made from aerated concrete, which means less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are required on site compared to others on the market. It’s no wonder that these products are fast becoming a popular choice for builders and homeowners alike.

John concludes by stating “People come and say it’s a great house, it feels really really lovely. We say ‘Yeah, it’s a Hebel house’ and we’re quite proud of that”.


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