Installing Hebel in multi-
residential developments

Using Hebel for boundary and intertenancy walls is easier than ever with the introduction of Hebel Hoist  – a patented hoisting solution used for Multi-Residential projects.  The Hebel Hoist attaches directly to the frame of the dwelling, enabling panels to be easily and safely installed.

How does it work?

1.All frames for the dwellings are built, leaving a sufficient gap for Hebel panels to be installed

hoist_gap2. Set up the Hebel Hoist by fixing it directly to the intertenancy or boundary wall frame of the dwelling


3. Install Hebel panels by feeding them in between the frames using the Hebel Hoist, and moving them into their final position

hoist_fix_panel_to_frame4. Install panels as normal by fixing them to the Hebel battens from the inside of the building


Benefits of the Hebel Hoist

Streamlines workflow and improves efficiency

For traditional timber or steel-framed load-bearing low-rise builds, carpenters would be required to construct a frame before calling in the contractors to install the intertenancy or boundary wall system. The carpenters would then have to come back to build the next frame and so on – resulting in a long process with several limitations. Hebel Hoist lets you complete all the frames at once. Once the carpenters have left, the contractors erect the hoist, using the frame as support, and install all the boundary and intertenancy walls.  This improves workflow and improves onsite efficiencies  – saving builder, carpenters and Hebel installers considerable down time.  This can mean the equivalent of a day saved for every wall built,  for both the carpenter and Hebel installers.

Adds value to your builds

The Hebel Hoist system allows panels to be slid into place and fixed from the inside of the building, so that you can install fire rated walls right on the boundary. This has the potential to significantly increase the floor area and value of your project.

In particular the installation of zero boundary walls can be constructed efficiently and easily ensuring fire and acoustic and weather tightness performance can be achieved to each residence without compromising compliance.

Improves workplace safety

Hebel Hoist’s electric hoist and lifting system ensures panels are handled safely with minimal manual lifting and transporting by installers. This limits the likelihood of an on-site accident or injury.

Site considerations

When considering whether Hebel Hoist is suitable for your site, consider the following:

  • There should be clear access to the boundary wall ends to allow for panels to be loaded and fed into the building using the Hebel Hoist system.
  • The roof line at the wall location should be limited to flat or a skillion arrangement.
  • The internal stair opening located along the boundary or intertenancy wall needs to be temporarily sheeted to provide full access for installer along the full length of the wall.


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