Zero Boundary Walls

Hebel’s PowerPanelXL Boundary Wall system is one of the most efficient ways to install boundary walls, especially when combined with Hebel’s patented Hebel Hoist technology.

An innovative, hoisting solution used for Multi-Residential projects, the Hebel Hoist attaches directly to the frame of the dwelling, enabling panels to be easily and safely installed right on the boundary.  The result is a more streamlined workflow, improved efficiency, increased value to the build and improved workplace safety.

PowerPanelXL is fast to install, requires less scaffolding on site and can lead to significant cost savings.  Containing steel reinforcement coated with an anti-corrosion layer for maximum durability and strength, PowerPanelXL is non-combustible,  and in the specially engineered boundary wall system, provides outstanding thermal and acoustic performance resulting in a quiet, comfortable home and savings on energy costs.


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