Sound Barriers

Hebel SoundBarrier is a highly effective acoustic wall system that produces significant reductions in noise levels from industry, major roads and rail corridors with a high level of design flexibility.

The standard system consists of galvanised steel columns in concrete pier foundations. The caged steel-reinforced Hebel SoundBarrier panels are placed horizontally between or against the columns and held in place by galvanised steel angles or plates. At just 25% the density of concrete, the system is fast and easy to install and negates the need for costly precast moulds and large craneage associated with pre-cast concrete installations.

At around two-thirds the cost of comparable concrete systems, Hebel SoundBarrier delivers multiple advantages not only in terms of project cost and efficiency but also in visual appeal. Hebel factory routing allows for cost effective and flexible design choices. Whether large areas of free flowing design or small areas of simple architectural shadow lines or intricate variable depth routing for a truly sculptured look, Hebel SoundBarrier panels can be routed easily and without the costly limitations of precast moulds and heavy construction requirements. The system can be designed to accommodate feature bays or stepped to follow the grade of the road providing an uninterrupted wall of constant height. With an extensive choice of acrylic coating colours available, a wide range of effects can be achieved. The system can also be used with other materials for functional or aesthetic relief.


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