Hebel flooring systems offer exceptional benefits for multi-residential properties, delivering the solid feel of a concrete floor at a lower cost.

The Hebel PowerFloor system consists of 75mm panels containing steel reinforcement with an anti-corrosion protection layer, to ensure maximum strength and durability.  These panels are installed over steel or timber joists to provide an outstanding flooring solution for suspended ground floors or midfloors with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.  Once finished, the Hebel PowerFloor system provides a solid base for just about any floor covering.

The Hebel PowerFloor+ flooring system is a loadbearing reinforced flooring system that can span up to 5.85 metres and provides a solid, fully engineered cross-braced floor for residential construction.  Lightweight, yet strong, and offering enhanced insulation, this system can be laid in place without formwork or support and is trafficable immediately following installation.  The interlocking of the panels with grout creates a full fire seal between panels, and combined with Hebel’s unique fire resistant properties, it can mean the PowerFloor+ system can achieve FRL’s of up to 3 hours.  Once finished, the floor provides a solid base for a range of floor coverings.


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