External Walls

Hebel’s external wall systems are strong and solid, provide superior thermal insulation, are fast to install and look fantastic too.

The PowerPanelXL system uses a 75mm panel delivering around 25% better thermal insulation than a vented AAC system – and 31% better than brick veneer.

The PowerPanel50 system provides approximately 12% better thermal insulation than a vented AAC system – and 18% better than brick veneer.

Panels are fixed to steel or timber frames without the need or cost of an additional thermal break. The corrosion-protected steel reinforced Hebel AAC panels are extremely robust and non-combustible, making them ideal for bushfire prone areas.

Hebel’s PowerBlock+ system is the ideal alternative to concrete block construction offering significant increases in thermal performance, providing an extremely solid masonry home that’s comfortable to live in.

All three systems offer great acoustic performance, reducing noise transmission from external sources such as traffic, for a quieter home. The superior thermal properties mean your house is more comfortable to live in and there is less reliance on heating and cooling. 

Hebel external wall systems give you a solid finish that can be rendered in a wide range of colours, with the design flexibility to achieve the look and street appeal you want.


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