External Walls

Hebel external wall systems are suitable for projects ranging from low-rise industrial and commercial developments to high-rise offices.

Using caged tongue and groove PowerPanel+, Hebel’s external wall system delivers a high performing thermal and fire-rating solution that’s cost-effective and fast to install. In addition, the system provides effective sound transmission barrier between the external and internal environments of the building.

Starting at a thickness of 125mm the panels are installed vertically or horizontally to steel or concrete structural framing as a non-loadbearing panel wall system. The lightweight nature of the panels compared with pre-case concrete means structural components are reduced and small lifting equipment can be used. For aesthetic appeal the panels can be routed cost-effectively and with extensive design choice. Whether large areas of free flowing design or small areas of simple architectural shadow lines or intricate variable depth routing for a truly sculptured look, the Hebel routing can be done without the costly limitations of precast moulds and heavyweight construction requirements.


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