Corridor Walls

Hebel Corridor Wall Systems maximise floor space and provide solid secure walls for services located on one side between common areas and apartments. These walls typically require a minimum sound insulation of Rw = 50 dB which Hebel Corridor Wall Systems easily achieve and a minimum fire rating level of -/60/60 – well-surpassed by CSR Hebel with a fire rating level of -/90/90 for wall heights up to 3.3 metres and -/120/120 for walls up to 4.65 metres (vertically) when caged tongue and groove PowerPanel is used.

CSR Hebel has also designed a hybrid system for corridor walls adjacent to bathroom pods making it easy for architects, designers and builders to specify the most economical systems for each pod project. This is achieved through the combination of onsite constructed Hebel elements with off-site manufactured bathroom pod walls. The Hebel PowerPanel wall leaf construction provides the fire rating and can be installed from one side only, while the two systems combined provide the acoustic performance. For construction, builders and contractors benefit from these well developed systems as they present a much clearer picture of which wall components are required to be built onsite and which elements are already integrated within the bathroom pod walls.


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