An advanced tunable sound reduction system for power utilities, major roads and rail corridors, the PowerShield Acoustic Absorption Wall System delivers a resonant frequency barrier under 150HZ, far lower than other traditional alternatives. In fact, performance has been achieved with an absorptive rating of 0.95 at 100Hz using Helmholtz resonance principles. Able to eliminate resonant noise at a close distance from the source, the system provides an opportunity to utilise adjacent land that would otherwise be considered unsuitable for development.

The PowerShield Acoustic Absorption Wall System is constructed with horizontal, steel reinforced tongue and groove AAC panels mounted to vertical steel columns in concrete foundations. A second skin of 75mm PowerPanel is connected to the PowerShield wall using steel top hats. These panels have a calculated horizontal and vertical air gap between them, acting as slats which face the noise source. The positioning of these panels can be adjusted to address specific resonant frequency of the project.

In addition to this system’s high acoustic attenuation performance and tuning capability, it also provides high level fire resistance when exposed to the Hydrocarbon Modified (HCM) curve for 2 hours and withstands heat up to 1300°C. When exposed to cellulosic fire, the system achieves a -/240/240 fire rating for AS 1530.4-2005.


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